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What Is Coaching?

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client in a creative and thought-provoking process over a period of time, often starting with a 90-day agreement, so that underlying fears, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful attitudes are no longer running your life. We know that by achieving greater awareness and control over your spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing, that you are free to experience more of God’s grace, peace, and joy–even in difficult circumstances.

A coaching relationship is designed to facilitate the creation and development of your goals.

Often, these goals will be within the context of the client's marriage relationship, but meaningful goals may also include other life transitions, such as

-Preparing to (re)enter the job market 

-Effective parenting or home management while the family acclimates to a "new normal"

-Mending relationships with adult children, extended family members, or friends. 

We understand that relationships can be difficult even under the best of circumstances, and the years following an incident of betrayal are often full of lingering fears, resentment, and anger.  There is hardly a part of a woman's life that remains unaffected by intimate betrayal. She has likely experienced a paradigm shift in the way she sees herself, her relationships, her faith, and her world and may feel as though she's lost part of herself in the process.  

You might be asking, "What if I've already tried counseling?"

Coaching and counseling are different modalities for helping a person make productive changes in their life and relationships.

Maybe you and your husband attended counseling sessions or therapy after the revelation of hidden pornography use or infidelity. And maybe you found that counseling helped a lot, a little, or maybe not much. Maybe you have never been to counseling at all.

Even if you've tried reading the best-selling Christian books on marriage, listening to podcasts, or talking with friends, you may still feel unable to progress from where you are to where you want to be. For many women, it’s not uncommon to spend years mostly unaware of how much the cumulative effects this stress can have on her quality of life and spiritual health.

Coaching is also not therapy, nor is it designed to be crisis intervention. With coaching, we will not rehash, or relive past events except to explore what potential influence those events may have in your life right now. The coaching we offer is for the woman who:

-Desires to seek the Lord's will in her life.

-Has been living with accumulated stress from the betrayal for some time–and longer than she’d like to admit.

-Knows that caring for her own spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing is essential to healing wounds and consciously (re)creating relationships as the most resilient version of herself.

While we cannot control the choices your husband made or will make in the future, what we will do is give you powerful tools that will increase your confidence, help you advocate for yourself, and effectively manage your stress-reactions so that you maintain more control over the things Scripture commands us to guard carefully–your time, energy, and emotions.

Your coaches are here to listen, champion, challenge, and reflect your inherent brilliance as a human being, designed in the image of God–empowering you to connect completely with the inner (and outer) work the Lord has ordained for you.

"I feel like I can actually make a choice. Before I was just a victim of my emotions and now I can recognize that and make better choices."

Carrie T.

"This journey has been helping me let myself be human, but then learning how to be human in a way that honors the Lord."

Andrea P.

"I just thought I was tired and burnt out because I was 60, but really I was tired and burnt out because I was just so angry all the time.."

Margie M.


The Healing Accelerator Framework

Feel better right now by using our One Page Healing Accelerator Framework to get immediate relief from the pain, confusion, and fear of regret that comes from discovering betrayal in your marriage, by understanding betrayal's impact the way you see your future.

In this micro training, you'll experience just one small piece of our From Betrayal to Breakthrough program-the clearest & most predictable system for any Christian woman who is serious abut finding the clarity she needs to make a decision on what to do next...

Meet Our Facilitators

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Expert in Chiropractise Treatment

We're Elise Park & Jennifer Kwiatkowski. As Christian women who have both overcome issues of betrayal in our own marriages, we know what it's like to face certain challenges that are unique to Believers when it comes to post-betrayal decisions.

As Certified Professional Coaches, we have supported women in their wellbeing endeavors for many years, but our passion for equipping Christian women to live authentically in their faith, while becoming the strongest, most resilient & radiant version of themselves has only grown--especially as we see the devastating effects that our hyper-sexualized culture has on the family unit.

We are blessed to see God work powerfully in the lives and marriages of our clients and are honored to be a part of their healing journeys.

Blessings to you,

Elise & Jennifer

What is From Betrayal to Breakthrough?

The From Betrayal to Breakthrough program is a powerful system for helping Christian women find the clarity they need about their marriage in just 90 days without the obstacles of indecision, self-doubt, or fear of regret--so they can finally feel good about moving forward from the discovery of betrayal in the marriage.

So if you want a crystal clear and predictable roadmap to help you figure out if you want to:

A) confidently stay with your husband and work to restore your marriage, or

B) be at peace with moving on from the relationship,

...then you've found it.

How does it work?

Making a long-term decision about your marriage after betrayal isn't easy. There are three ingredients that every woman in this situation must have in place in order to reach a decision that she feels alined with:


Being committed to your own spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing is an essential first step in getting the clarity you need to move forward. No one can make this commitment for you--it must come from a deep desire to break free of the pain, confusion, and fear that will otherwise keep you stuck in resentment and anger for the rest of your life.

Just like airline attendants tell the passengers, "In case of emergency, put your own oxygen masks first!" this is essentially what we do in our program--we help you put your own "oxygen mask" on first, so that you can make a decision you feel good about, as the strongest version of yourself.


Countless women have shared their betrayal stories with us and almost all of them have remarked how lonely they've felt while dealing with the pain, despite being active in their church community. It's clear to that the support they've gotten has been either not enough, or the wrong kind. Most often this looks like:

-Help for the man (but not for her)

-"Just" advice: "Just hurry up and forgive him..." or "Just leave already..."

Neither of these truly support the healing and wellbeing for the betrayed wife in her decision on how to handle her next steps.

Remember being told to "Stop, drop, and roll!" in case your clothes ever caught fire?

Other people think they're being supportive by shouting from the sidelines what you should do, but that doesn't work for this kind of situation.

Instead of a drill sergeant, you need support that is sensitive, constructive, and methodical; you need compassionate guides and a roadmap to gently lead you through the phases of what's been and help you create what will be.

Benefiting from this kind of support doesn't have to take a long time, but it must be done with care and intention. (Not screamed at you from the sidelines.)


The final ingredient needed to achieve the clarity you're looking for is discernment. We know you have a lot of mental and emotional "noise" right now. In addition to all the external factors (like time, money, friends, and family) you also have internal factors influencing the way you respond to your situation, not to mention the spiritual warfare you're contenting with also.

Being able to distinguish truth from lies is essential for moving forward in your decision, so that you're not living in anger, resentment, or regret for the rest of your life.

How is this different from counseling or therapy?

Counseling, therapy, and coaching are all valid, but different modalities for helping a person make productive changes to their life. Coaching as a form of support has its roots in the world of sports and performance, not mental health. In short, coaching helps you create. Many clients benefit from working with a counselor or therapist while also working with a coach. Coaching is not intended to be crisis management. Ashes Redeemed coaches are Certified Professional Coaches, not licensed counselors or therapists.

For more on how coaching works, read What Is Coaching?

How do I know if this will work for me?

With over a decade of combined experience in supporting women in their wellbeing and marriage difficulties, we have honed our systems down to an exact science.

The best way for both of us to gain 100% confidence that this is the absolute best way for you to approach your post-betrayal decisions is to jump on a short call so we can get clear on the exact steps you should be taking based on your specific background and situation.

Book a call {HERE}.


I have a new sense of confidence that I don't think I've really ever had...


Christina M.

Breakthrough client

I value myself enough now in my life for the first time in 42 years that I'm going to say enough is enough.


Carole F.

Breakthrough client

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